Stuart A Jackson - M'arach - Gaelic Songs From My Upbringing

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(August 2019)

13 Tracks: Nach Gorach Mi Gad Chaoineadh * Mo Nighean Donn Nam Meall Shuilean * Fagail Ghlaschu * Leis An Lurgainn * Mo Gleannan Taobh Loch Liobhann * E Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn * Och Nan Och, Tha Mi Fo Mhulad * Thoir Mo Shoraidh Thar Ghunnaidh * Oran Mu Leanabh Og * Clachan Mo Ghaoil * Seo Nam Shineadh Air An t-Sliabh * Mo Run Air Na Maraichean / Wee Murdie * Soraidh Slan Le Fionn-Airigh.

A debut album from Gaelic singer Stuart Jackson.

Stuart was born in Lochaline, Morvern, Argyll and raised on the family farm at Fuinary, in Morvern.

This upbringing, by the shores of the Sound of Mull, was shaped by immersion in local songs and music, both at school and from his parents at home.

His mother, Creina, was an accomplished singer and dad, Alasdair, played the accordion at home and for most of the local dances.

Stuart performs a selection of Gaelic songs that have a special significance to him.

Archie McAllister (fiddle 1,3,4,5,6,10,12,13), Ross Wilson (piano 1,3,5,10,12 keyboard 4), Finlay Wells (acoustic guitar 4,5,12, electric guitar), Angus MacColl (drums 4,5,8,10,12 bagpipes 5), Ross MacPherson (accordion 4,10,12, piano 8), Mary Ann Kennedy (piano 6,7, harp 9, clarsach 13, backing vocals 4,5,8), Nick Turner (bass guitar 3,4,5,6,8,9,12), Campbell Brown (accordion 8, backing vocals 8), Johnny Scoular (tenor whistle 8, backing vocals 8), Alasdair MacIllebhain (vocals 3, backing vocals 4,5,10,12,13), Riona Whyte (backing vocals 4,8,13), Hector Mackechnie (backing vocals 4,12).

Burach members (backing vocals 2,5,10), Family Singers (backing vocals 13).

"M'arach, as the name suggests, is a reflection of Stuart's upbringing with many of the songs having very personal and poignant connections to himself, his family and their background farming for three generations at Fuinary on the Morvern Peninsula. The songs are interwoven skilfully to create a journey of changing emotions - from deep sorrow to the rousing happiness of sing-along classics... M'arach is the perfect soundtrack to a proper ceilidh." Angus MacPhail, Skipinnish.

"The most anticipated album of the Gaidhealtachd in 2019." Donald MacRae, Gaelic singing legend.

"My love of singing, and the music of the Gael, undoubtedly stems from this early and immersive introduction from my parents. I owe them a great deal for the happiest of childhoods, my upbringing, and for being such an understanding and loving couple. I would like to make a small repayment to the debt I owe them by dedicating this album to them. For Alasdair and Creina." Stuart A Jackson.

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