The Strathclyde Police Pipers - Solo Pipers, Quartet and Mini Band

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(1991) (60 mins): Quartet - March, Strathspey and Reel: Miss Elizabeth Campbell / Cameronian Rant / Pretty Marion * P/M Ian McLellan BEM - 6/8 Marches: Kirkhill / Capt Craig Brown / Braemar Gathering * Inspector Barry Donaldson - Hornpipes and Jigs: Arthur Gillies / Old Wife of the Mill Dust / Brae Riach * James Wark - Slow Air and Hornpipes: The Braes of Lochiel / Boys of Blue Hill / Jackie Tar / Jack's A Lad / Harvest Home * Ian Plunkett - March, Strathspey and Reel: Colin Thomson / Islay Ball / The Little Crusade * Kevin Moffatt - Hornpipe and Jigs: P/M George Allan / Loch Ness Monster / Alan MacPherson of Mosspark * Harold McAleer - Strathspeys and Reels: Sporting Jamie / Smith's A Gallant Fireman / Donaldbane * P/M Ian McLellan BEM - 2/4 Marches: The Taking of Beaumont Hamel / P/M W Gray's Farewell to the Glasgow Police * Ian Plunkett - Hornpipe and Jigs: The Irish Washerwoman / Going To the Well For Water / Angus Sutherland * Kevin Moffatt - Strathspeys and Reels: Susan MacLeod / Shepherd's Crook / Back of the Moon / Loch Carron * James Wark - March, Strathspey and Reel: Donald MacLellan of Rothesay / Caber Feidh / Alick Cameron * Harold McAleer- Hornpipes and Jigs: Sandy's New Chanter / Crossing the Minch / James MacLellan's Favourites / P/M Jimmy MacGregor * Inspector Barry Donaldson - 2/4 Marches: Major Manson At Clachantrushal / Clan MacColl * Mini-Band - Selection: Fulton Eyes / Annie Grant / Helen Young / The King's Reel / Caledonia B Line / Paddy's Green Isle / Robert J Black of Pennycross / Snug In the Blanket / Haste To the Wedding.

While at their peak as continuously reigning World Champions - a chance to hear some of the talented individuals that make up the band.

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