Stonehaven Pipe Band - Scotland The Brave

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13 Tracks: 6/8 Marches - The Glendaruel Highlanders / The 10th Battalion H.L.I. Crossing The Rhine / Cock of the North * MSR: The Clan Macrae Society / The Ewe Wi' The Crooked Horn / Loch Carron * Slow Air And Jigs: Breton Air / Pour Ignacio * Strathspey And Reels: Susan MacLeod / The Islay Ball / The Smiths Of Chilliehassie . John Morrison Of Assynt House * Medley: The Three Wheeled Rabbit / The Price Of A Pig / Kenny MacDonald's Jig / The Panda / She Walked Through The Fair / A.A. Cameron's Strathspey * 4/4 Marches: The Battle Of Waterloo / Killiecrankie / Scotland The Brave / The Rowan Tree * Slow Air And Jigs: The Water Is Wide / Galician Jig / Asturian Jig * 2/4 Marches: The Stirlingshire Militia / Hugh Kennedy M.A. B.Sc. / P/M Willie Maclean * Pipe Solo B Elrick: Jig Of Slurs / Donald Maclean / Donella Beaton * Hornpipes: The Queen Of The Rushes / The Muckle Dram * Medley: Spogan / Jane Campbell / Braes Of Mar / Hamilton's Nutsack / Suo Gan / The Humours Of Cork / Kelly's Jig / The Pie-Eyed Piper * Trio: Dark Rum And Crabbies / The Hungarian Fiddler And The Country Girl / The Hungarian Fiddler And The Country Girl / Na Goisidich * Air: The Mingulay Boat Song.

The Stonehaven Pipe Band present marches, strathspey, reels, airs, jigs and hornpipes.

Released ARC Music 2006

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