Stevie Palmer - We Become The Sunshine

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(August 2020)

13 Tracks: Before The Flame Goes Out * Going, Going Gone * Fly Away With You * The Winter And Me * James Watt's Perfect Engine * We Become The Sunshine * All Your Tomorrows * Gently Into Night * Saddest Month * God Gave Me These Hands * Rise Up Singing * Merry Company * Somewhere.

A second album release from multi-award winning Edinburgh based singer/songwriter Stevie Palmer.

The album consists of thirteen passionately written and meticulously crafted songs by Stevie, with performance contributions by stalwarts of the Scottish music scene including Karine Polwart, Kim Edgar, Mary MacMaster, Kristan Harvey, Mr. McFall’s Chamber, Steven Polwart, Phil Cunningham and Allan Knox.

The album was co-produced by Stevie, Ian McCalman and Dick Gaughan and recorded at Ian's Kevock Studio. Dick is a huge admirer of Stevie’s work and volunteered to be involved in the recording of the album.

Full lyrics included in the booklet.

"The album goes beyond the usual folk genre and is likely to be enjoyed by all lovers of good music generally. The arrangements are superb, giving a wide variety of sounds to the individual tracks. Ian Green, M.D. Greentrax.

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