Stevie Palmer - Heartprint Shadow

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(December 2010) 12 tracks: Everybody Knows * Heartprint Shadow * Star Rising * Walk Beneath Your Shade * Holy And Charlie * Where The Bison Fell * Just A Smile * Destiny * Hushaby * Princess 1300 * Black Is The Sun * The John McClinchey Bridge.

Stevie is a former National Burnsong winner, and his song Black Is The Sun was included on the Far, Far From Ypres (World War 1) compilation.

He is a songwriter of great talent, whose story so far has been of high achievement and steady progress.

An album of original songs, at times story-driven, at times soothing and heartfelt. Each song is tenderly crafted with melodies and lyrics that reach deep into the soul. His diction is remarkable and his voice sits perfectly in front of the very sympathetic arrangements.

Full lyrics included in the booklet.

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