Stephen & Pernille Quigg - River Of Time (CD)

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15 Tracks: Fresh Bread * Troubled Waters * Johnny's Gone To Hilo * Coorie Doon * Burghead Sands * Bread And Fishes * Same Old Questions * Where Have All The Flowers Gone * Jamie Raeburn * Wade In The Water * She Moved Through The Fair * Up The Noran Water * River Of Time * Only Remembered * Lullaby.

A superb 15 track album featuring the husband and wife folksinging duo, Stephen & Pernille Quigg.

Stephen Quigg is a long established folksinger and former member of the legendary band "The McCalmans" and Pernille Quigg, originally from Denmark, is a folksinger and songwriter.

Stephen and Pernille share a common feeling for the tradition of folksong and both know a good song when they hear it!

"The Quiggs" have emerged on to the Scottish folk scene and have toured together in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands with great success.

The album was recorded between October 2014 and March 2015 at Ian McCalman's studio Kevock Digital.

The songs were recorded as 'live' as possible, with only a few extra harmonies and some instrumentation added afterwards.

The album cover "River Of Time" was written in memory of Nick Keir, who worked so closely with Stephen as part of the McCalmans and is remembered here... a truely inspirational friend.

Stephen Quigg, former member of the legendary folk group The McCalmans, has performed as a folksinger for more than 35 years. He continued to work solo alongside his career in the group and has toured extensively across Europe and of course the length and breadth of Scotland.

Stephen's repertoire ranges from traditional ballads to footstomping songs of battle well mixed with a certain amount of humor. Stephen blends contemporary and traditional material with ease.

Pernille Quigg is of Danish origin but has been living on the west coast of Scotland for the past 9 years. As the surname reveals, she married into the Scottish folk scene and has now herself become part of that scene. Pernille has been singing folk songs for many years and she is now also carving a niche for herself as songwriter. She accompanies herself on guitar and her repertoire extends from traditional to contemporary to original songs – the common denominator though is, that they all have a story to tell. Pernille released her debut album “Driftwood” in 2012, which received fine reviews in print and was also aired on both Danish Radio and on BBC's Radio Scotland amongst others.

"I've nothing to gain by saying this, because the Macs are a thing of the past, but this album by Stephen and Pernille is a real cracker. There's a lovely combination of old and new and the balance of the two voices is magic. I thoroughly recommend It." Ian McCalman.

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