Stella Wilkie and Joan Blue - About Time!

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13 Tracks: Roads Set: The Road And The Miles To Dundee / Calum's Road /The Road To The Isles /The Road To Banff / The High Road To Linton * Glendoll * Pipes Tunes: The Kiwi Pipers / Robbie Shepherd MBE * Strathspeys: John Stephen Of Chance Inn / Jimmy Blue Of Forgandenny / Ian Powrie's Compliments to Angus Fitchet / Margaret's Fancy / Bobby Harvey * Mrs. Helen N Robertson * Reels: Caribou / Thank You Frances Moore / The Laxo Burn / The Left Handed Fiddler * March, Strathspey And Reel: Salute To J S Skinner / Tulchan Lodge / Gladstone * Scots Songs: Dark Lochnagar / The Rowan Tree / Bonnie Galloway / Rothesay Bay * Kilgour Crags * Reels: Edward Jay's Jaunt / Mrs. Joan Blue / Willie Mann Of Paddy / Catchin' Rabbits * Prince Charlie's Last View Of Scotland * Jigs: Rosewood / Canadian Jig / The Murray River Jig /The Lemonville Jig * Mother's Love * Prince Charlie's last View Of Scotland * Jigs * Mother's Love.

A first CD release as a duo, after 20 years of playing together, friends and family thought it 'About Time' that Stella and Joan recorded this album.

Stalwarts of the Scottish Country Dance Scene and popular guests at the accordion and fiddle clubs, the duo have known each other since 1970.

The tracks on this album carefully selected and reflect their love of traditional music.

Includes compositions from some of the fiddle greats Angus Fitchet, Ian Powrie, James Scott Skinner, and Arthur Scott Robertson as well as some modern compositions.

Joan Blue (piano), Stella Wilkie (fiddle).

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