St Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band - The Dawning Of The Day (Live from Glasgow)

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(October 2005) 17 tracks: Irish Air / March: Dawning of the Day * The Strutting Hornpipe / Quirkey’s Broken Glasses * Alen Tully and the Trad Lads:The High Drive / Crossing the Minch / The High Drive Woman of the House / The Big Ship / The Driver * Joe Cooley’s Hornpipe / Joe Cooley’s Jig / The Donegal Lass / Eddie’s Lamentation / The Strathspey King / Sergeant Murphy’s / Stranded in Scotland / The Ballintore Fancy / The Lismurrane Lamps * The New Crossroads / The Sidewinder * Give us Another Song / Kitty Magee Hornpipe / Kitty Magee Jig / The Dirty Lough * Boolavogue / The Ballintore Hornpipe / The Pumpkins Fancy * Michael Faughnan’s / Sonny Brogans / Hughie Travers * Rabs Wedding / Donald MacLean of Lewis / Redford Cottage * Teddy O’Neill / Queen of the Rushes / Tureengarbh Glen / As I went out upon the Ice / Sweeny’s / The Little Bag / The Hills of Kesh / The Boys of Malin / The Ass in the Graveyard * Stirlingshire Militia / Atholl Cummers / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran * Alen Tully and the Trad Lads: Eurelsa Vale / Jimmy Ward’s / Humours of Ballyloughlin * Down by the Seaside / Patsy Geary’s Hornpipe / Patsy Geary’s Jig / Give us a Minute * The Girl from Dungannon / The Tar Road to Sligo / Alen’s Lucky Stone / Hard Times / Mrs Margaret MacKenzie / Glenclune / Happy Days at Easter / Peata Beag a Mhathair / The Primrose Lass * Galician Set :Danza de San Rogue de Hio / Shaun Davey’s Jig * The Auld Triangle. Ballintore Hornpipe / The Pumpkins Fancy.

A predominantly Irish repertoire from the recent concert by The St Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band, held in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

It encompasses traditional Irish music, well integrated by the pipes and with tasteful drum settings well suited to the melodies.

All in all a musical treat, distinct from the usual Pipe Band recordings, and a sure winner with Pipe Band followers worldwide.

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