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(September 2012) 11 tracks: Jigs: Sally Hunter / Off She Goes / Lads Of Dunse * Slow Air, Strathspey And Reel: Miss Sine Flemington / The Ale Is Dear * Slip Jigs: In Dispraise Of Whisky / The Favourite Dram * Waulking Song: Alasdair MacColla * Slow Air: O'Carolan's Draught * Pipe Retreat, Slow Reel And Reel: Gypsy's Warning / Flora MacDonald / Sweet Molly * Reels: Miss Shepherd / Jenny Nettles / Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay * Song Air And Pipe Jigs: Braes Of Strathblane / Sgian Dubh / Hills Of Glenorchy * Song: Lovely Molly * Slow Air, Strathspey And Reel: Braigh Loch Iall / Miss Lyall /Loch Leven Castle * Port A Beul And Pipe Marches: Ciamar A Ni Mi An Dannsa Direach / Paddy's Leather Breeches / Atholl Highlanders.

Re-issue of a recording made in 1984 by seven Edinburgh-based musicians, with an imaginative combination of instruments.

Sprangeen came together in 1982 for a special festival, Women Live In Scotland. They stayed together for two years. The two clarsach players, Mary MacMaster and Patsy Seddon went on to form the duo, Sileas and also joined up with two others to form The Poozies.

Mary is now in a trio, Shine with Corrina Hewitt and Alyth Mc Cormick. Fiddler, Rosa Michaelson later formed The Loose Moose Ceilidh Band.

Unique and imaginative combination of fiddles, metal and gut strung celtic harps, concertinas, flute, whistle and double bass.

The harps take the rhythm role as well as leading the tune.

Kathleen King (double bass, fiddle), Marta McGlynn (concertina), Mary MacMaster (metal-strung clarsach, whistle. temple bells, vocals), Rosa Michaelson (fiddle, triangle, duck call), Val Peek (violin), Patsy Seddon (gut strung clarsach, fiddle, vocals), Ann Ward (concertina, flute).

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