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(July 2005) 15 tracks: Sportsman’s Hornpipe * Monkey-Cokey * Old Lancashire / The 3rd Beekeeper * Dee-Light * Flapjacks and Firesticks /The Minor Rigged Ship * Stony Steps Hornpipe * Cuckoo’s Nest * Cheshire Waltz * Fireside Polka / Rampant * Union * Dearest Dickie * Blow the Winds * The Shropshire Miner * Trunkles * Sportsman’s Hornpipe.

Spiers and Boden are two of the most exciting new exponents of the English folk tradition.

This, their third full-length album, contains mostly traditional tunes, with some self-penned ones in there also. Fiddle, melodeon and concertina in full folk force through Morris tunes, step-dance tunes and a bellow-along shanty. Superb musicianship, a bright breezy style, zippy sleeve notes, great depths of traditionalism, cool contemporary attitude and a neat album design.

"a true box of delights" (Living Tradition)

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