Sounds Like Knockengorroch 2020 - Music From The Hills In Lock Down

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(December 2020)

CD1: Dodd Hill: 10 Tracks: Lockdown Gorroch Reel (Afro Celt Sound System) * Good Karma (Samson Sounds & Dandelion) * Soma (Mungos Hi Fi feat Marina P) * Nothing (Cera Impala) * Fireside Companion (Anima) * As I Roved Out (Kaela Rowan) * Lost Hearts / The Orange Blossom (Morag Brown And Lewis Powell-Reid) * Party Dragon (Holiday Club) * Fresh Blood (The Poozies) * No End (DJ Dolphin Boy).

CD2: The Deugh: 10 Tracks: Roll On (Ewan McLennan) * Rhythm (Ceitidh Mac) * Keep Me (Twelfth Day) *The Gift (Theo Bard) * Stoned Agan (Eilidh Ross And Ross Martin) * Hook (MacMaster /Hay) * Seven-Eleven (Moishe's Bagel) * Up On The Hill (John Fairhurst) * Black Dog (Shooglenifty) * An t-Orceastrian (Awry).

This album features 20 tracks from artists who performed at Virtually Knockengorroch – an interactive Knockengorroch festival livestream held in May 2020.

Due to Covid-19 the Knockengorroch 2020 Festival was cancelled, however organisers put on an online festival in its place.

Knockengorroch is one of Scotland's longest running greenfield festivals, held in the Carsphairn hills in south west Scotland every May.

This double album is an exciting mix of traditional, electronic and world music.

Enjoy the flavour of this year's festival with this double album.

Artists includes: Afro Celt Sound System, Shooglenifty, Ewan McLennan, The Poozies, Moishe's Bagel, Kaela Rowan, Ceitidh Mac, Eilidh Ross And Ross Martin, Samson Sounds & Dandelion, Mungos Hi Fi feat Marina P, Cera Impala, Anima, Morag Brown And Lewis Powell-Reid, Holiday Club, DJ Dolphin Boy, Twelfth Day, MacMaster /Hay, John Fairhurst, Awry.

"Virtually Knockengorroch was a way for us to share the sounds and feelings of the event with our loyal audiences and to lift their spirits during lockdown. Our festival is known for its sense of togetherness and solidarity, and this is what this lockdown album also projects... It was incredible to receive such thoughtful and emotive original songs dedicated to the festival from some of our favourite musicians for this record, and to receive contributions from so many much-loved acts. It's a joy to be able to combine the work of all of these artists on one album and mark their contribution to Knockengorroch over the years. With acts not able to get out there and play live we wanted to champion their art and lift this up." Knockengorroch Festival organiser Liz Holmes.

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