Sounds From The Great Garden - A Lismore Gathering

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(December 2019)

CD 1
17 Tracks: A Wee Herd Laddie (Mairi Campbell) * The Hill Gathering (Arthur Cross) * Verde Esmeralda (Sarah Campbell And Yorick Paine) * The Unst Boat Song (The Lismore Voices) * The Wrong Side Of The Moon (Shona Wright) * Walking To Port Ramsay (Jennifer Allan) * Medley: Rochanside / Glencoe March (Arthur Cross And Duncan Ferguson) * The Parish Of Dunkeld (Katy Crossan) * The Bollard In The Tree (Jeremy Gilchrist) * Padavine (Davy Clincart) * Do Yourself A Favour (Paul Speakman) * Not A Liosach (Homecoming 2009) Pauline Isobel Dowling) * You've Changed (Sarah Campbell) * Four Winds (Sebastion Tombs) * An t-Eilean Alainn The Beautiful Island (Mary MacDougall) * Come By The Hills (Duncan Laggan Livingstone) * My Island Home (Lismore Primary School).

17 Tracks: Nam Aonar Le Mo Smuaintean (Sarah Campbell) * The Storm (Jennifer Baker) * The Highland Clearances (Gordon Jones) * Johnny And Dorothy Livingstone (Mairi Campbell) * The Spanish Lady (Freda Drysdale) * Wise Women (Jennifer Allan) * Tibie Paiom (The Lismore Voices) * Wild Mountain Thyme (Laura Cook) * A Little Birdie (Sarah Campbell And Yorick Paine) * The Last Clearance Cottage (Pauline Isobel Dowling) * Fagail Liosmor Leaving Lismore (Mary MacDougall) * A Nice Thing To Do (Julia Fayngruen And Erick Tovarsson) * Edgy (Davy Clincart) * Flotsam And Jetsam Sebastian Tombs * Medley - 72nd Highlanders' Farewell To Aberdeen (Arthur Cross And Duncan Ferguson) * Medley - Campbell's Farewell To Redcastle (Arthur Cross And Duncan Ferguson) * The Otter And The Kestrel (Amy Bowman) * Nighean Og Nan Suilean Ciuin (Duncan Laggan Livingstone).

The Island of Lismore's historic description "The Great Garden" referred to the unique fertility of it's landscape.

The Sounds From The Great Garden double CD reflects this and gives a rich and diverse feast of song, story and music from the artists associated with the island.

From internationally acclaimed artists such as Mairi Campbell, to the renowned Lismore Voices Choir, this album delivers a huge range of quality multi-genre performances including traditional, choral, jazz, narration and modern original works from this Hebridean hotspot of talent.

Recorded entirely at Davy Clincart's Tirlaggan studio on Lismore, there is more than two hours worth of great entertainment of the type you might find at an informal ceilidh on the island. It is a snapshot of the creativity of an island’s people in 2019, and although this type of gathering may not exist in fifty years time, play this time-capsule again then, and you will be magically transported back into a time when true talent and community existed together.

Supported by the Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mor , cultural heritage centre.

Artwork by Marjorie Campbell and Julia Fayngruen.

"I first came upon this idea several years ago when as bean an taigh at ceilidh after ceilidh, I was struck with just how much incredible talent Lismore has flowing from every limestone fissure. From three to ninety-three, poem to new song, dancing to dance bands, Gaelic Puirt a Beul to Russian Orthodox Choral, a ceilidh on Lismore was not your usual affair. The rich mix of offerings was always a delight to compere and I began to wonder if there was a CD in it all." Katy Crossan.

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