Skipinnish - Sgurr Mor To Skerryvore

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(October 2003) 16 tracks: Jigs (The Leg of the Duck / The Hen's March / The Loch Ness Monster) * Schottische (There Are Many Things That I Lack / I bhi a da / An cota ruadh) * MS&R (The Argyllshire Gathering / Mrs John MacColl / The Caledonian Society of London / The Shepherd's Crook / The Rejected Suitor / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran) * Maraiche nan Cuantan * Bagpipe Solo (Ben Gullion / AA Cameron's Strathspey / Nellie's Strathspey / Cota Mor Ealasaid / A' Sireadh Spors) * Box and Fiddle Set (Iain McLachlan of Creagorry / The Reel Philally / The Reunion Reel / The Four Stroke Reel) * My Home Town * 6/8 March and Irish Reels (Angus MacKinnon / The Concertina Reel / Toss the Feathers) * Colla Mo Run * Fields of Gold * Barn Dance (P/M Jim Christie of Wick / Donald MacLellan of Rothesay) * Gaelic Waltzes (A Pheigi, a Ghraidh / A Ribhinn Oig, bheil cuimhn' agad? / Oran na Ciaora / Chi mi 'n Tir / Tiugainn leam is dean Cabhag) * Reels (Cape Breton Puirt a Beul / A' Chuachag Laghach Thu / Sleepy Maggie) * Strip the Willow (The Jig Runrig / Donald MacLean / The Curlew / Kenny Gillies of Portnalong * Thoir mo Shoraidh thar Ghunnaidh * Finale: John Morrison of Assynt House.

Brush off your brogues and shake out your sporran, here comes a West Coast Ceilidh! Angus MacPhail skips at lightning speed over the keys of his accordion, with Andrew Stevenson's scorching fingers blasting the bapipes along in time.

The boys are joined on fiddle, drums, pianos and other instruments by friends Rachel Walker, Iain 'Stretch' MacFadyen, Iain MacFarlane, Neil MacMillan, Allan Henderson, Malcolm Jones and Archie McAllister, to produce a well rounded album on which the rousing dance sets are tempered by gentle Gaelic song and some fine pipe tunes.

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