Skipinnish - Atlantic Roar

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(August 2013) 12 tracks: Barn Dance: Captain Carswell / John MacColl's March To Kilbowie Cottage * Tir A Mhurain * Gaelic Waltzes: Mo Nighean Don Nam Meall-Shuilean / Eilean A' Cheo / Failt' Air Rubha Bhatairnis * The Cockerel Set: Maggie Cameron / Fiona MacLeod / The Cockerel In The Creel / Alasdair Fraser's Welcome To Cape Breton * Land Below The Waves * Oran A' Chaiora * Brochan Lom: Brochan Lom / Innis Dhomhsa Ca'il Thu Cadal / 'Siomadh Rud A Chunna Mi * Eilean Sgalpaigh Na Hearradh * Piper To The End * The Medley: Miss Elspeth Campbell / The Maids Of Kintail / Calum Crubach / Lord MacConnel Of Loch Earne And Lough End * Going Home * The Gaugher: The Kilworth Hills / Duncan The Gaugher / The Skylark's Ascension.

A long-awaited album, first studio album in seven years, Skipinnish back with their own distinctive, authentic West Coast ceilidh sound.

An exciting line-up of talented musicians with a superb selection of tunes from this top Scots Ceilidh band.

Formed in early 1999 by accordionist Angus MacPhail (Tiree), and piper Andrew Stevenson (Achnacarry). Skipinnish are in demand at festivals, concerts, dances, weddings and many other events throughout the U.K. and abroad.

Includes the song "The Land Below The Waves" composed by Angus MacPhail.

The Land Below the Waves. (Lyrics)

And I want to go where the great Atlantic roars,
From the cliffs of Kenevara to majestic Skerryvore,
And breath again the air my island body craves,
And feel again the freedom of the land below the waves.

Angus MacPhail (accordion, backing vocals), Andrew Stevenson (highland pipes, small-pipes, whistles), Robert Robertson (vocals, guitar), Ross Wilson (piano, bass), Alasdair Murray (drums), Rachel Walker (vocals, harmonies), Archie McAllister (fiddle).

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