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(November 2018)

14 Tracks: O, Thoir a-Nall Am Botal * Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Mire * Thainig An Gille Dubh * Hao Ri Ri Ho Raithill O * Laoidh Statue Ruaidheabhal * Oran Na 'Fiaclan * Allt An t-Siùcair * Puirt-a-Beul * Eiridh Bileag Ur-Ghorm * 'S ann Diluain Ro’ La Fheill Micheil * Sean's a' Bhriogais Leathair * O Daonnan, Daonnan * Cailinn Nam Buadh * Lon Ban - Aonghas Mac Aonghais 'Ic Iain Mhoir.

A debut album of Gaelic songs from Sineag MacIntyre who hails from Kilphedar in South Uist.

This township is noted for a particularly rich and thriving singing tradition. The title of the album is deeply significant and rooted in her native island.

Sineag, immersed in Gaelic song all her life made her first recordings while still at school. Awards quickly followed, including the Traditional Gold Medal at the at the Royal National Mod while still in her teens, and then the coveted Gold Medal in 2010. Sineag has also been nominated twice for Gaelic Singer of the Year at the MG Alba Trad Awards.

Her voice, coupled with a natural charisma and sense of humour, has made her a popular and effervescent guest on stages in Scotland and abroad.

Sineag makes regular television appearances on music shows including the BBC Alba flagship Hogmanay Show, Eilidh na Bliadhn' Uire, Port and Alleluia.

Lon Ban is the Costal area between the Atlantic-facing districts of Kilphedar and Boisdale in South Uist where local lobster fisherman used to anchor their fishing skiffs in the summer months.

Released on the Greentrax label this album of Gaelic songs was produced by Iain MacDonald.

Sineag NacIntyre (vocals), Sarah Hoy (fiddle), Mhairi Hall (piano), Gillie MacKenzie (vocals), Kathleen MacInnes (vocals), Seonaidh MacIntyre (whistles, Highland and small pipes), Katie Shaw (step-dance), Iain MacDonald (whistles, concertina), Ewan MacPherson (guitar, mandolin) and Luke Daniels (button box).

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