Simon Chadwick - Old Gaelic Laments

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(May 2012) 13 tracks: Is Eagal Leam An Bas * Am Bas Is Flathanas * Cumh Easbig Earraghaal * Oran Do Iain Breac MacLeod * Caoine Rioghaill * King James March To Ireland / Lochaber / Geidhe Fiaine * Uamh An Oir * Feachain Gleis / Cumha Bharuin Loch Mor / Cumha An Deibhinnsi * Cumh Peathar Ruari * A' Ghlas Mheur * Cumha Lachlainn Daill * The Clarge's Lamentation * A Starai A Ghoid Mo Chlu-sa Uaim.

A second CD from Simon, playing a medieval clarsach and singing in Gaelic. He is joined by Ealasaid Gilfillan reciting Gaelic poetry.

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