Shetland Mandolin Band - Always on a Monday

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(January 2018)

12 Tracks: The Northlands * Kentucky Waltz / Tennessee Waltz * Frankie's Tune / Foxrock Hornpipe * Song For PJ * Bach Minuet In G * Boilersuit Blues / Soup Pot Blues * Polka Marcia * Asta In Snow / Coridinio * Lounge Bar / La Fee Du Dents (The Tooth Fairy) * Sarah's Song * El Choclo ( The Corn Cob) * O Solo Mio / Never On A Sunday.

An enjoyable debut album from the Shetland Mandolin Band featuring instrumental music from around the world.

The album includes tunes from 11 countries, a variety of well-known mandolin tunes, others are from traditional, country music and classical idiom.

There are also original 'Shetland' tunes from Jenny Henry and Nigel Hallett too.

The 'community' band first got together in 2015 with the aim of providing a setting for Shetland's mandolin players, no matter their age or ability, to meet and play tunes, as well as to encourage mandolin playing in the islands.

Such has been the success of the venture that the band meets fortnightly, always on a Monday, and continues to enjoy the support and encouragement of mandolin players and the good people of Shetland.

Band members are aged from 11 to 75 and include well-known, experienced players such as Gary Peterson (Hom Bru) and Trevor Jamieson (North Ness Boys) as well as players who have just set out on their musical journey and learn the instrument from tutor Jenny Henry.

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