Piping Centre Recital Series - Arthur Gillies and Gavin Stoddart

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(1996) 12 tracks: The 93rd's Farewell to Parkhurst * The Hills of Glenorchy * Nell Flaherty's Drake * The Top of Ben Lomond * Leaving Lunga * The Argyllshire Gathering * The Caledonian Society of Winnipeg * Iain Morrison * Atholl Cummers * Lochiel's Away to France * The Rejected Suitor * Crossing the Minch * Ronnie Lawrie's Rant * Mrs Barbara Gillies * Ballochyle * Corrienessan's Salute * The Edinburgh Military Tattoo * The Festival March * Highland Wedding * Blair Drummond * The Sheepwife * Lord MacPherson of Drumochter * MacLeod of Mull * Jean Mauchline * Maggie Cameron * The Shepherd's Crook * Lochiel's Awa' to France * The Grey Bob * The Braes of Loch Grant * The Lochaber Gathering * The Lament for the Children.

Following the tremendous success of the 1996 recital series, demand was such that this event has now become a highlight of the year on the piping calendar. The 1997 concert series, once again staged in the splendid auditorium of The Piping Centre, proved to be every bit as exciting combing a blend of new and young talent with the experience of some of the World's foremost pipers.

The 1997 recordings provide the second instalment to this increasingly invaluable archive.

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