The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience - Electric Landlady

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(July 2007) 10 tracks: Gay Gordons * Dashing White Sergeant * St. Bernard's Waltz * Strip The Willow * Canadian Barn Dance * The Eightsome Reel * Military Two-step * Virginia Reel * Highland Schottische * Last Waltz

With a psychedelic cover and ceilidh dances played with electric guitar riffs, this is not for the purists! But if you want to let your hair down (or frizz it up) this makes for a great change on the dancefloor.

An electric ceilidh band, led by the ever-inventive Sandy Brechin.

Featuring Greg Borland, Allan Brown, John Currie, Chris Day, Aaron Jones, Colin MacFarlane, William Oke, John Sikorski, David Taylor, Jim Walker, Pete Clark, Ronan Martin, Gavin Marwick, Chris Agnew, Eoghain Anderson and Roy Waterston.

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