Sean Wilson - 60 At Sixty

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PAL+NTSC (worldwide)

Region: 0 (worldwide)

(August 2018)

20 Tracks: CD1- Sean Wilson Latest And Greatest : Better Than Today * Three Wooden Crosses * Love At First Sight * Wine Into Water * Better Man * Home * If Tomorrow Never Comes * Rosie * A Road That Never Ends * Song For Ireland * Cottage On The Hill * You Can't Turn Back The Years (With Tony Mac) * If I Could See The World (Through The Eyes Of A Child) * New Wine * Hard Times Come Again No More * Shanagolden * So Much Music And So Little Time * From The Candy Store (With Susan Mccann) * Let's Turn Back The Years * The Tears Of An Exile.

20 Tracks: CD2 - Rare And Unreleased: Blue Magic * Golden Dreams * Just As Soon As I Can * The Gypsy * Lily's White Lies * She Put The Music In Me * It's Good To See You * The Old Country Church * Home To Donegal * Irish Harvest Day * Nobody's Child * Irish Soldier Boy * Part Of Me * Hillls Of Kerry * Molly * Three Leaf Shamrock * Sunnyside Of The Mountain * Among The Wicklow Hills * Walking Piece Of Heaven * Any Dream Will Do.

DVD:You Can't Turn Back The Years: Shores Of Lough Neagh * Lough Neagh I Love You * The Old Man * Singalong Medley * Roses Round The Half Door * Golden Dreams * Ring Of Fire * Horses And Plough * Storybook Children * These Tender Years * On The Road Again * Dance Medley * Antrim Coast Road * A Little Pub In London * The Living Prayer (With Shauna Wilson) * Paddy Reilly's Daughter * You Can't Turn Back The Years

Bonus Tracks: Better Than Today * Sweethearts In Heaven * The Old Man.

The latest release from accordion player and singer, Sean Wilson celebrates nearly thirty years of recording and performing.

With a hugh repertoire of songs, this 3 disc double CD and DVD set combines memorable recordings with his latest material.

DVD: "You Can’t Turn Back The Years" describes Sean's earliest days growing up around Lough Neagh in Co Derry and his improbable but richly earned successes. He goes on to describe the highs and lows of his career and features his best performances on video.

After nearly three decades entertaining global audiences, this release is the first time Sean features a compilation of his most popular songs and will be a great introduction to those who don't know Sean's work so well. And his fans will love the new songs, the rare recordings and the DVD of his story from the céilí halls of Co Derry to the bright lights of Nashville and beyond!

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