Sean Potts and Paddy Moloney - Tin Whistles

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(re-release of 1973 recording) 16 tracks: The Ballyfin Slide * Seoirse Brabston * The Boy In The Boat * Plearaca An Ruarcaigh * Bean Dubh An Gheanna * The Hag At The Spinning Wheel * Seolaim Araon Na Geanna Romhainn * Julia Delaney * Sliabh Geal Gcua Na Feile * Murphy's Reel * An Draighnean Donn * The Piper's Chair * Port Na Bpucai * The Connacht Heifers * Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor * Did You Wash Your Father's Shirt?

Founder members of The Chieftains, Sean and Paddy whistle their way through Irish folk classics of many ages, to great effect.

With Peadar Mercier (bodhran).

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