Sean Kelly - Scotland The Brave

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(July 2008) : Scotland The Brave * Annie Laurie * Rowan Tree * Just A Wee Deoch And Doris * No' Awa' Tae Bide Awa' * Stop Yer Tickling Jock * Barnyards Of Delgatey * Come To The Ceilidh * I Love A Lassie * Come Along, Come Along * Big Kilmarnock Bunnett * The Hiking Song * Scotland I'm Coming Home To You * Marie's Wedding * Lochinver * Doon In The Wee Room * Donald, Where's Your Troosers? * Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Off A Bus * Flower Of Scotland * A Gordon For Me * These Are My Mountains * Westering Home * Haste Ye Back * The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen * I Belong To Glasgow * Song Of The Clyde * When You And I Were Young, Maggie * My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean * Lassie Come And Dance With Me * The Road To The Isles * Wi' A Hundred Pipers * Coming Through The Rye * Bonnie Wee Jeannie Mccoll * A Scottish Soldier * Massacre Of Glencoe * Grannie's Heilan' Hame * Bonnie Mary Of Argyll * My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose * My Ain Folk * The Dark Island * Skye Boat Song * Mull Of Kintyre * Ye Banks And Braes * The Road And The Miles To Dundee * Bluebells Of Scotland * Keep Right On To The End Of The Road * Loch Lomond * Here's To The Tartan * Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden * Auld Lang Syne.

Well-known, and much-loved tunes from Scotland played on the accordion by Sean Kelly.

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