Seamus Tansey - Easter Snow

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15 tracks: Josie McDermott's / Kitty Gone A Milking * Piper Anderson's Delight * John Brennan's Favourite / Ladd O' Beirne's Favourite * Easter Snow * Mick Flatley's Delight / Ed Reavey's Favourite * Dillon's Favourite / The Bag O' Spuds * Tribute To Peggy McGrath / John McKenna's Jig * Dunphy's Hornpipe / Sean Ryan's Favourite * The May Morning Dew * Jimeen Gannon's Delight / Dowd's No. 9 * The Lament For The Death Of Staker Wallace * The Main In The Cherry Tree / Farewell To Ireland * Famine Requiem (The Battering Ram / Tatter Jack Welch) * Ah Surely / Maud Miller * Seannie Davey's Reel / Alfie Joe Denning's Reel.

Traditional Irish flute music. Those who know Irish music will know that Seamus Tansey is one of the great flute players in the Irish music scene. An All-Ireland Champion at an early age, he is proud to walk in the footsteps of people from the past, such as Michael Coleman, Paddy Kiloran, Joe Dowd. Tansey never gives less than all of himself to his music.

This, his first for many years, is a great album of Irish traditional music by one of its legends. He is joined by guests Alison Kinnaird (harp), John McCusker (keyboards), Tony McManus (guitar) and Robin Morton (bodhran).

"Tansey is a master of the flute, with the feathery ease and steady breath control of the best players." (DIRTY LINEN)

"The whole is a beautifully crafted collection by a flute player wizard. Strongly recommended." (FOLK BUZZ)

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