Seamus Quinn and Gary Hastings - Stories To Tell

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(June 2002) 15 tracks

A collection from two eminent musicians steeped in their culture and revelling in it. Seamus and Gary may be men of the cloth, but that doesn't stop them having a grand time, as is evident on this CD.

Finally we get a chance to savour the musical talents of Séamus Quinn (fiddle) and Gary Hastings (flute), who have long been well known and loved figures of the traditional musical world. Piano, melodeon, piano and bouzouki follow behind.

A jewel of an album with 15 tracks of superb, lively music, it has a distinctive old 78'' style. With tunes from Fermanagh, fifing tunes associated with the Orange musical tradition, beautiful slow airs and plenty of reels, jigs, slipjigs, barndances and polkas, it offers plenty for the heart and the feet.

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