Seamus Ennis - Ceol, Scealta Agus Amhrain

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(January 2007) 12 tracks: Na Ceannbháin Bhána (song) * An Fáinne Óir (uilleann pipes) * Bean Dubh an Ghleanna (song) * Úirchill an Chreagáin (hornpipe - uilleann pipes) * Johnny Seoighe (song) * Cornphíopa Phat Ward (tin whistle) * An Binsín Luachra * Salamanca / Diúc Goran / Fáilte Shinéad Roimh Tharlach (reels - uilleann pipes) * Casadh an tSúgáin (song) * An Bearach Connachtach (tin whistle) * Dónall Óg (song) * Cornphíopa na Sióg (hornpipe - uilleann pipes).

Seamus inherited the piping from his father, James Ennis, and collected songs and stories from the great Gaeltacht singers of Ireland and of Scotland.

During the 1950s, he collected material for the BBC and also presented the pioneering music programme As I Roved Out.

This collection of songs, storytelling, and instrumental music on both uilleann pipes and tin whistle was first released by Gael Linn on LP record in 1961. It reveals the many aspects of Séamus Ennis’s talent and his deep understanding of the tradition.

On some tracks, Séamus introduces the music. So take a chair, sit up to the hearth and listen as a master of the tradition unveils the beauty, and the joy, of the Irish inheritance.

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