Scottish Traditions Volume 27 - Sguaban A Tir An Eorna (Traditions Of Tiree)

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(May 2016)

29 tracks: Allaibh Arra Bò Choisinn Co-bheag (Alastair MacNeill) * Columba And Mallachdaig (John Henderson) * O Ho-Rò, 'Ille Dhuinn (Margaret MacArthur) * Witchcraft (Donald Sinclair) * Port A' Beul (Alex Hector MacPhail) * Bean A' Chòtain Ruaidh (Christine MacArthur) * Blar Nan Sguab (Donald Sinclair) * Blanket Washing (Chrissie MacLean) * Mo Nighean Donn à Còrnaig (Alastair MacNeill) * Oran An Fhuadaich (Donald Sinclair) * Canntaireachd (Hugh MacDonald) * Elegy For Mrs Noble (Donald Sinclair) * Children's Play Rhymes (Eilidh Kennedy And Mary Ann Campbell) * Diarmaid And Gràinne (Donald Sinclair) * Seo An Duan – Gaelic Hymn (Flora Bunning) * Cinderella (John Henderson) * An Imrich (Donald Sinclair) * Gilleasbaig Làidir And The Factor (John Henderson) * Archibald And Duncan Campbell (Donald Sinclair) * Emigrants Leaving Tiree For Canada, 1851 (Chrissie MacLean) * Tiree Settlers At McIntyres' Corners (Alex Lamont) * Great Tea Race 1866 – Ariel And Taeping (Donald Sinclair) * Manitoba (Hector Kennedy) * Oran Mhanitoba (Alastair MacNeill) * Hogmanay Rhyme (Hector MacLean) * Skerryvore survivor (Donald Sinclair) * Tha Mise Seo Gun Chroit Gun Sgoth (Hector Kennedy) * Oran A' Chogaidh (Colin Lamont) * Piping (Alasdair Sinclair).

Volume 27 of the acclaimed Scottish Tradition Series of recordings from the archives of the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh.

Tiree, a low-lying island of some thirty-six square miles west of Ardnamurchan Point, lacks the mountains and hills of its Hebridean neighbours.

Currently its population is about 650, although in the first half of the nineteenth century it peaked at around 5,000.

The oral tradition of Tiree began to be recorded by The School of Scottish Studies soon after its inception in 1951.

Its first full-time collector and researcher, Calum MacLean (1921-1960) visited in 1953 and his recordings are the earliest from the island in the Sound Archive. He was followed by Dr Hamish Henderson (1919-2002) and several others.

This CD cannot include items from all the men and women of Tiree who have contributed to the Sound Archive over the years but the contents are representative of an island where memories of the past have remained strong amongst those with special gifts, interest and skill.

The editors of the album hope that those listening to it will feel they have dropped into a ceilidh in a Tiree home and experienced a sample of the wealth the island and its people have to offer.

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