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(February 2007) 15 tracks (54 mins) including: The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow (Emily Smith) * A Mhairead Og (James Graham) * Fhir a Chinn Duibh (Ishbel Munro) * Sailin’s a Wearie Life (Fiona Hunter) * Hielan’ Laddie (Findlay Napier and Gillian Frame) * The Brides and The Tartars Set * For Meg of Abernethy Set * Liam’s Bonnet Set * Da Burn o’ Cousta * Whistle O’er The Lave O’t.

This album was first released by the RSAMD as a limited edition in 2002, and includes many of the top students at the Academy at that time, plus their tutors.

The students are Liam Brown, Neil Cameron, Stuart Cassells, Kirsty Cotter, Dominique Dodge, Gillian Frame, James Graham, Kathleen Graham, Steven Graham, Claire Gullan, Fiona Hunter, Lisa Morrison, Calum MacCrimmon, Lorna MacDougall, Malcolm McEwan, Darren MacLean, Angus MacPhail, Maeve MacKinnon, Andrew MacPherson, Rosie Morton, Ian Muir, Ishbel Munro, Findlay Napier, Sarah Parker, Alan Paterson, Jennifer Port, Jenna Reid, Emily Smith, Fraya Thomsen and Lori Watson.

Many of these talented young people have gone on to establish themselves as professionals on the Scottish music scene, and have since recorded solo or with bands - Fiona Hunter as a member of Malinky, and Stuart Cassells, Gillian Frame and Emily Smith as winners of the Young Scottish Traditional Musician of the Year Award.

The tutors are Brian McNeill (fiddle) - who also produced the album - Rob MacKillop (lute), James Ross (piano), Kenna Campbell (vocals), Karen Marshalsay (harps), Calum Ross (vocals), Mike Travis (percussion) and John Wallace (trumpet).

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