Scottish Music Graded Exams Fiddle - Grade 1

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Contents - Airs: Come By the Hills * Morag Of Dunvegan (Mòrag à Dùn Bheagain) * The Nameless Lassie * The Yellow Haired Laddie * Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Iain Ruairidh's Lament) * Will Ye No Come Back Again.

Dance Tunes: Aitken Drum * Fear A Phìge ( The "still" man) * Alasdair An Dùin (Alasdair of Dun) * Marie’s Wedding * Oliver Jack * The Corner House Jig * Green Hills Of Tyrol.

Recent Compositions: Rocking The Baby * Sunset Over Foula * The Highlander's Revenge * The Seven Step Polka * The Stronsay Wedding.

This Grade 1 Fiddle book provides a carefully selected choice of tunes, all you need to create a programme for the Traditional Music Exams or SQA exams.

The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland offers graded examinations in Scottish Traditional music which anyone can participate, from school-age pupils to adult learners and enthusiasts.

The fiddle Syllabus 2014-2020 can be viewed on The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland website.

Where appropriate, tunes in this volume have been edited for guidance purposes.

The arrangements represent the technical standard to be expected at the grade, and as such should be adhered to by candidates when performing in the exam.

A perfect selection of tunes to build your repertoire and a super resource of tunes to use at ceilidhs, mods and concerts.

Book Format: A4

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