Hamish MacGregor and the Blue Bonnets - Scottish Love Songs

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(1998) 12 tracks: The Bleacher Lassie * Bands O' Red Roses I Loved A Lass * Partans in His Creel * Ae Fond Kiss * Amang the Stepping Stanes * The Leaboy's Lassie * The Lassie O' Bonnie Glencoe * My Love is Like a Red Red Rose * Just Like Another Rolling Stone * Ca' the Yowes * Will Ye No Come Back Again.

This album has gathered together six of Scotland's best-loved traditional singers and an eclectic mix of great love songs complimented by superb musicians and the imaginative arrangements and production of Simon Thoumire. Rod Paterson, Elspeth Cowie, Tam White, Sheena Wellington, Alan Reid and Corrina Hewat (vocals). Simon Thoumire (concertina, lowland pipes, bodhran), Eilidh Shaw (fiddle), Sandy Wright (guitar), Kevin Mackenzie (guitar), Rod Paterson (guitar), Phil Bancroft (saxophone).

"A beautiful uncluttered string of love songs lovingly delivered by some of the finest voices on the folk scene" (Alastair Clark - The Scotsman)

"Imaginatively traditional and refreshingly different" (The Scots Magazine)

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