Scottish Dances vol 8 - David Anderson and his Scottish Dance Band

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(1999) 14 tracks: Mrs MacLeod (R 8x32) * Culla Bay (S 4x32) * Jennifer's Jig (J 8x32) * Ellwyn's Fairy Glen (R 8x32) * Moray Rant (S 3x48) * Campbell's Frolic (J 8x32) * Chevy Chase (R 8x32) * Lamb Skinnet (J 8x32) * Rob Roy (R 4x32) * Moment Of Truth (S 8x32) * Blacksmith Of Elgin (J 8x48) * Miss Thompson's Reel (R5x32) * Off She Goes In The North (J 4x32) * Bolt Court (R x48).

A lively tight young band. David and fellow musicians play traditional tunes at dancers' tempos in a bubbling style. This effervescent selection of jigs, reels and strathspeys will go straight to your toes, if not to your head.

David Anderson (lead accordion), Bruce Quirie (second accordion), Dennis Morrison (piano), Mark McDougal (bass), David Bell (drums).

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