The Scottish Collection - Songs Of The Gaels

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12 tracks: Gruagach Og An-Fhuilt Bhan (Iain Carmichael) * Eilean Leoidhais/Clachan Mo Ghaoil/Fear A Bhata (David Solley) * Bratach Bana (Donald MacRae) * Soiridh (The Lochies) * Null Do Dh 'Uidhist (Iain Carmichael) * Mo Mhathair (Donald MacRae) * An T'Eilean Dorcha (Iain Carmichael) * Cumha Mhic Creomain (David Solley) * Peurt a Beul/Leis An Lurgainn (Donald MacRae) * Mo Roigh 'S Mo Run (The Lochies) * Ho-Ro Mo Nighean Bhoidheach (Iain Carmichael) * Eilidh (Donald MacRae)

A collection of Gaelic songs, as sung by some of Scotland's favourite Gaelic artists.

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