Scottish Ceilidh Music - Scottish Ceilidh Music vol 2

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(1994) 20 tracks: Gay Gordons, Bob’s Shaggy Dog, Roses o’ Prince Charlie, Inniskilling Dragoon * Boston Two Step, Murdo McKenzie of Torridon, Lyndhurst * The Lochaber Gathering, Mackenzie hay, The Brolum * The Agnes Waltz * Kilberry Castle, The Rose Among the Heather, the Old Pipe Reel * The Kilkenny Hornpipe, The Glen Fincastle barn Dance, Cullinghood Stable * Glayva, Bobby Jacks Compliments to Mary Prentice, Kenneth MacDonald’s Jig * Canadian Barn Dance, P/M Wm Gray’s farewell, Tam Bains Lum * McNeill of Ugadale, Lyndhurst * Scottish Waltz, O’ Gin I Were a Baron’s Heir, Nameless Lassie, Bonnie Isle of Gletness * Matches, Pipe Major Jim Christie of Wick, John Carmichael’s Farewell to Scotland * the Livingston Accordion Club, Saddle the Pony, The Rakes of Kildare, Humours of Glendart * Seamous McNeil, Pipe Major Sam Scott * Scandinavian Waltz, the Black Mask * Pipe Marches, Miss Elspeth Campbell, Lady Lever Park * Rakish Highlandman, Major Makie, Murdo McKenzie of Plockton, Miss Stewart of Bombay * The Sands of Kersal * The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside, Doctor McHardy, Jean’s Reel * Eva Three Step, Ballochyle, Echoes of Ob * Irish Air and Jigs, Donall Og, The Ship in Full Sail, O Doharty’s Fancy.


The Scottish Ceilidh (party) is legendary the world over for bringing people together to listen and dance to the music of the Scottish Country Dance band. In this second album we bring you more of the very best Ceilidh tracks, from haunting airs and beautiful waltzes to the driving sounds of marches, strathspeys and reels. This is a perfect way to enjoy the atmosphere of Scotland and the Ceilidh.

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