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(November 2012) 13 tracks: Cartwheel * Clarabad Mill * A Dyker's Compliments * February * Gathersnaw Hill * Mary's Song * To Roll Her In Ma Plaidie * Kings And Pipers * I Thought I Had No Voice * She's Hoy'd Me Out O Lauderdale * A Small Place In Assynt * Maggie's Song * We'll Follow The Music.

Debut solo album from this skilled Scottish singer songwriter, best known as a member of the folk group Sangsters.

Scott is a prominent force in the Scottish folk scene and the album grew out of the Creative Scotland funded Scots Music Group Inspire Project.

The stories in the songs have both humour and passion.

The songs are all by Scott and the CD contains three old texts which are given a tune by Scott, one old air to which he has added words and there are words to a new waltz tune by Jenny Gardner.

A comprehensive booklet with the words of the songs and information about each piece is included.

Scott Murray (vocals, guitar), Amy Geddes (fiddle, viola), Amy Lord (vocals), Anne Murray (vocals), Fiona Forbes (vocals), Gica Loening (vocals, fiddle), Jenny Gardner (vocals, fiddle), Jim Malcolm (moothie), John Blackwood (vocals), Martin Green (accordion), Michelle Burke (vocals), Ruth Kirkpatrick (vocals), Sarah McFadyen (banjo), Sarah Northcott (fiddle).

"...What you get is a genuine heartfelt performance on every song; original, wistful and tasteful renditions from that big, old voice which has done so much for the Scottish tradition. Great Songs. Great album. A voice in a million." Ian McCalman.

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