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(October 2014)

18 Tracks: The Flower of Scotland (The Queen's Royal Pipers) * Dr. Ross's 50th Welcome To The Argyllshire Gathering (Clan Sutherland Pipe Band) * The Battle Of The Somme / The Festival March (Grampian Police Pipe Band) * Troy's Wedding / Rocking The Baby / The Blackthorn Stick / The Curlew (The Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band) * Stop Yer Ticklin' Jock / I Love A Lassie / Roamin' In The Gloamin' / Bluebells Of Scotland (Pride Of Murray Pipe Band) * The Blackbird / Willie's Brogues / Murdoch MacAllister / Thunderhead / Duncan the Gauger (The Beeston Pipe Band) * Lord Lovat's Lament / The Battle of Waterloo / Dr. Cam Stewart (The Beeston Pipe Band) * Highland Laddie / The Brown Haired Maiden / The Barren Rocks Of Arran (Grampian Police Pipe Band) * Lord Alexander Kennedy / Maggie Cameron / The York Reel (The Beeston Pipe Band) * Pipe Solo / Hugh Kennedy / The Ewe wi' the Crooked Horn / The Sheepwife (Clan Sutherland Pipe Band) * Prince Edward Island / Laird O' Dunblair / Kirstie MacCallman's Favourite / The Poisoned Dwarf / Buntata's Sgadan / Setting A Course For Lewis / Thistledown / The Boys Of Ballymote / Isabel Blackley (Pride Of Murray Pipe Band) * The Balmoral Highlanders / The Duke Of Gordons Birthday / Thick Lies The Mist On Yonder Hill (The Queen's Royal Pipers) * William Sloane's Air / Jack's Jig / Tripping Up The Stairs / The Swallow's Tail / The Korgie / Jimmy Blue (Clan Sutherland Pipe Band) * His Father's Lament For John Ban MacKenzie (The Queen's Royal Pipers) * Highland Fling / Broadswords - The Marquis Of Huntley's Highland Fling / The Gravel Walk / Kalabakan / Lexy MacAskill (Forrester's Cape Breton Scottish Dance Company) * Dawning Of The Day / At Long Last (The Scots Guards) * Highland Cathedral (Strathclyde Police Pipe Band) * Men O' Galloway (Saor Patrol).

A stirring compilation album of airs, MSR, hornpipes and jigs presented by pipe bands in Scotland, England and Nova Scotia.

Featuring the Queen's Royal Pipers, Clan Sutherland Pipe Band, Grampian Police Pipe Band, Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band, Pride of Murray Pipe Band, Beeston Pipe Band, Forrester's Cape Breton Scottish Dance Company, Scots Guards, Strathclyde Police Pipe Band, Saor Patrol.

Sleeve notes includes information about the bands in English.

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