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(September 2012) 15 tracks: The Trip We Took Over The Mountains * Parthenia * Monaghan Jig * The Auld Noost * Jalan * The Hag With The Money / Sleepy Maggie * Lament For A Blind Harper * The Downie Dens O Yarrow * Tickled Pink * Logan Water * The South Wind * Molly MacAlpin / Planxty Irwin * South Uist Set: Till An Croadh, Faigh An Crodh / Chi Bhi Mi 'Gad Thaladh * The High Road To Linton / The Chanter's Tune * The Trip We Took Over The Mountains.

Re-release of Savourna's first and most traditional album of solo harp, featuring some of her own compositions.

First recorded in 1985, this CD has now been re-issued. Regarded as one of the leading exponents of Scottish small harp or clarsach, she plays a variety of traditional tunes from Scotland, Shetland, Ireland and England.

Two of her own compositions, Tickled Pink and Jalan, are in a contemporary idiom and demonstrate the potential of the harp beyond traditional music.

Savourna Stevenson (clarsach), Aly Bain (fiddle), Frank Usher (acoustic guitar).

"Borne on the wings of enviable technical dexterity and outstanding musicianship - an ancient instrument thrillingly coaxed towards and across new musical frontiers." The Scotsman.

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