Sarah Jane Summers - Solo

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(March 2018)

11 Tracks: Lath' A' Siubhal Sleibhe Dhombh (On A day As I Traversed The Mountain) * When You've Hooked Him Hold Him Fast (Set) * Lament For King George V * Oran An Aoig (The Song Of Death) * Are You Always Pleased (Set) * Lament For Alexander Grant (Battan) * Huldrelatt Fra Vang * Scott Skinner's Welcome To Inverness / Donald MacLean * Morning Prayer * A Young Lady's Panegyrik On Her Lover (Set) * Cumha Mhic A H-Arasaig (MacIntosh's Lament Pibroch).

A versatile, free-thinking, impassioned performer, Sarah-Jane's unique style blends the lyricism of traditional music with the emotive rawness of improvisation.

A tradition-bearer of the old Highland style of fiddling, she was taught by the late, great Donald Riddell (1908-1992), who learnt his fiddling from a relative of hers, Alexander Grant of Battangorm (1856-1942). She is now based in Norway and holds a masters degree in Norwegian traditional music and free improvisation from The Norwegian State Academy of Music.

Sarah-Jane's extremely diverse skills on fiddle, viola and Hardanger fiddle have led her to perform at rock, jazz, folk, country, contemporary, noise/experimental festivals worldwide with artists as diverse as fiddle-quartet RANT, Julie Fowlis, Quatuor Bozzini, and top Norwegian pop band Highasakite.

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