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(August 2008) 13 tracks: The Happy Hardanger * Tha M'Aigne Fo Ghruaim * Guddlin' In The Burn * Fionn's * The Bonny Breast Knot * Spike On A Bike * Tha Mi Tinn Leis A' Ghaoil * Maggie Cameron * Dancing Dolly * Lady Madelina Sinclair * Athole Brose * The Lewisman In Exile * Urban Trad.

Sarah-Jane’s music is light, accurate and exciting - Scottish fiddle tunes, some played on traditional fiddle and some on the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle.

Nesta, an old Celtic word, refers to the River Ness and is said to mean 'roaring or rushing one'.

Several tunes were learned from her mentor and teacher, the late Highland fiddler Donald Riddell.

Sarah-Jane Summers (Hardanger fiddle, fiddle) with Ewan MacPherson (guitar, Jew's harp), Kevin McGuire (double bass), Barry Phillips (5-string cello), Paul Jennings (percussion), Liz Knowles (fiddle) and Guy Veale (Tibetan singing bowl, synth, programming).

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