Saor Patrol - Open Air Asylum

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(June 2014)

16 Tracks: Weramur * Men O' Galloway * Laird O' Glencairn * Bad Holly * Solveig * Duncarron * The Irish * The Gael * Upyerockye * Black Bull * Artur Ard Righ * Chasing The Beer * AD/BC * Chamalihitchin * Clansman * Three Wee Jigs.

This 16 track album 'Open Air Asylum' captures the unmistakable sounds of Saor Patrol available now from Music Scotland.

Recorded live at the Medieval Festival (“Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum”) in Germany, their unique sound and vibrant energy will rock you!

The sound the band has evolved and developed and has been referred to as "tribal" and Celtic rock", with bagpipes, pounding drums, driving electric guitar and presents to the listener an exciting, lively tribal experience.

Saor Patrol-Scottish Medieval Rock (pronounced 'shore' and comes from the Gaelic word ‘Saorsa’, meaning freedom / liberty).

All band members are volunteers of the Clanranald Trust for Scotland. The Trust travels at home and abroad throughout the year providing educational demonstrations and experiences on Scottish culture to communities, groups, schools and colleges. Although the band is a separate entity from the Trust, they both heavily promote each other at all times.

All tracks composed and arranged by Charlie 'Chick' Allan.

Includes sleeve notes.

Charlie 'Chick' Allan (bagpipes), Kevin Johnston (floor toms), Marcus Dickson (high toms), Mark Monaghan (bass drum), Stephen Legget (electric guitar).

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