Saor Patrol - Duncarron

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(March 2019)

10 Tracks: Men O' Galloway * Badholly * O'Rourke * Toomtabard * Three Wee Jigs (Traditional) * The Gael * Crammin' At The Brig * Duncarron * Chamalihitchin * Laird O' Glencairn.

This album brings a unique sound of Scotland back from the past and into the 21st Century.

Scottish Pipes And drums untamed... Duncarron is the follow-up album to Saor Patrol 'The Stomp'.

Duncarron is a medieval fortified village built inthe Carron valley, near Stirling, Scotland. The purpose of the village is to provide an educational facility for schools, groups and individuals wishing to learn more about daily life in early medieval Scotland.

Information about the group and the music, and about the Clanranald Trust and Duncarron.

Released Arc Music Productions 2012.

Scotlands Leading Medieval Rock Band : Charlie Allan (pipes), Kev Johnston (drums), Mark Monaghan (drums), Marcus Dickson (drums), Steve Legget (guitar).

"a mix of wild hair beards and hair shirts something west of Braveheart and north of the pipe band rulebook, an exciting new chapter in the evolution of a living folk music genre." Properganda.

"The Motorhead of folk." Lemmy.

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