Salsa Celtica - The Tall Islands

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(March 2014)

12 Tracks: Descarga Gaelica * An Danns Elegua * Disfrutalo * Ven Guajira Ven * Fonn * Primavera * Canto Al Tiempo PT 2 * He Mandhu (Aurel) * Rumba Del Mar * Rolling Road * Canto Al Tiempo PT 1 * Yo Me Voy II.

A fifth studio album from Salsa Celtica performing their own special blend of Latin and Scottish music.

Following on from a mini tour of Scotland's Highlands and Islands the group, who now have been playing together in excess of 17 years, composed and developed material resulting in a mature, rich and soulful collection of tunes.

For the first time tracks have been developed from traditional Scottish Gaelic songs resulting in a equal balance between the two cultures.

Seventeen musicians, an international cast Scotland, Cuba, Ireland, Argentina and England with special guest Gaelic singer, Kathleen MacInnes, Jarlath Henderson on uilleann pipes and London percussionist, David Pattman.

Renowned for their hard rocking dance floor filling Celtic salsa, The Tall Islands is a more folkloric sounding album to sit down, listen and enjoy!

Musicians: Ricardo Fernandez Pompa (lead vocals, congas, coro), Ross Ainsley (whistles, pipes, cittern), Toby Shippey (percussion, coro, guitar, muted trumpet), Eamonn Coyne (tenor banjo, tenor guitar), Megan Henderson (violin, lead vocals), Simon Gall (piano, coro), Eric Alfonso (timbale), Javier Floramonti (bass, coro), Phil O'Malley (trombone), Sue McKenzie (saxophones), Shanti Jayasinha (trumpet), Steve Kettley (saxophone track 11), Kathleen MacInnes (guest lead vocals), David Pattman (guest percussion), Jarlath Henderson (guest uilleann pipes), Leonel Viera Lopez (guest coro), Phil Alexander (guest hammond organ).

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