Runrig - The Year Of The Flood (Beat The Drum, Loch Ness)

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(May 2008) 19 tracks (1h 50mins): Intro Music * Year Of The Flood * Pride Of The Summer * Road Trip * Proterra * The Ocean Road * An Toll Dubh * Sona * The Engine Room * Every River * A Reiteach * In Scandinavia * Clash Of The Ash * Skye * Hearts Of Olden Glory * Something's Got To Give * Protect And Survive * On The Edge * Loch Lomond.

Additional menu items: This Day * A Look Back * Photo Images (backstage & main event).

The live DVD recording of Runrig's flagship show Beat The Drum, held at Drumnadrochit by Loch Ness and celebrating Highland Year Of Culture 2007.

Runrig follow the success of their top ten single Loch Lomond, recorded for the Children In Need charity in late 2007, with this film recorded at their sellout summer concert in front of over 17,000 people.

Year Of The Flood will bring back many memories of the unforgettable day when fans gathered to celebrate, on what was to prove to be the wettest day for the area in living memory.

The film attempts to capture it all, just as it was - the mud, the rain, the music, the Highlands and ultimately the 'never say die' spirit of a remarkable audience that saw it through to the end, as only a Runrig audience could.

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