Runrig - The Last Dance - Farewell Concert Film 2DVD

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(September 2019)

DVD 1: Intro comprising excerpts of Recovery and The Brolum * The Years We Shared * Protect And Survive * Rocket To The Moon * Proterra * The Ship * Canada * The Greatest Flame * The Stamping Ground * Cnoc Na Feille * Onar * Year Of The Flood * The Place Where The Rivers Run * What Time * In Search Of Angels * Going Home.

DVD 2: Cearcal A' Chuain * The Story * Maymorning * Alba * Clash Of The Ash * Skye * Every River * On The Edge * Somewhere * Book Of Golden Stories * Pride Of The Summer * An Toll Dubh * The Drum Section * Loch Lomond * Hearts Of Olden Glory (band A Cappella- closing performance) * Bonus Material: The Road To The Last Dance Behind The Scenes Footage * The Last Dance Concert Footage * Extended Concert film Intro.

Runrig releases the full 180 minutes of the emotional farewell concert, The Last Dance.

On the 18th August 2018 Runrig played out their final concert after 45 years in the music business, bringing to conclusion a lifetime of song, celebration and performance.

Fans came to Stirling Castle from all over the world to be part of history, to say their farewells and to experience a moment that will forever remain in the ether of shared emotion.

Includes bonus material from the Final Mile tour.

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