Runrig - Stepping Down The Glory Road (The Albums 1987-1996)

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(November 2020)

A 6CD collection featuring all the Runrig albums released on Chrysalis Records between 1987 and 1996.

Each album includes bonus tracks collection from EP's and b-sides of the singles from each album, with the final 6th CD contains a collection of Live tracks released on the b-sides of singles.

CD1: The Cutter And The Clan:
11 Tracks: Alba (Scotland) * The Cutter * Hearts Of Olden Glory * Pride Of The Summer * Worker For The Wind * Rocket To The Moon * The Only Rose * Protect And Survive * Our Earth Was Once Green * An Ubhal As Àirde (The Highest Apple) // BONUS * Protect And Survive (1988) (Extended version).

CD2: Searchlight:
19 Tracks: News From Heaven * Every River * City Of Lights * Èirinn (Ireland) * Tir A' Mhurain (Land Of The Marram Grass) * World Appeal * Tear Down These Walls * Only The Brave * Siol Ghoraidh (The Geneaology Of Goraidh) * That Final Mile * Smalltown * Precious Years * Chi Mi'n Tir (I See The Land) * The Times They Are A-Changin' * This Time Of Year * Stepping Down The Glory Road * Satellite Flood * The Apple Came Down * Harvest Moon.

CD3: The Big Wheel:
14 Tracks: Headlights * Healer In Your Heart * Abhainn An t-Sluaigh (The Crowded River) * Always The Winner * This Beautiful Pain * An Cuibhle Mor (The Big Wheel) * Edge Of The World * Hearthammer * I'll Keep Coming Home * Flower Of The West // BONUS * Hearthammer (Edit) * Solus Na Madainn (The Morning Light) * Ravenscraig * Chi Mi'n Geamhradh.

CD4: Amazing Things:
18 Tracks: Amazing Things * Wonderful * The Greatest Flame * Move A Mountain * Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich (A Kiss One Spring Evening) * Dream Fields * Song Of The Earth * Forever Eyes Of Blue * Sraidean Na Roinn-Eorpa (Streets Of Europe) * Canada * Ard (High) * On The Edge //BONUS: April Come She Will * The Fisherman (An T-Iasgair) * Morning Tide * Saints Of The Soil * An T-Iasgair (The Fisherman) * Suilevan.

CD5: Mara:
16 Tracks: Day In A Boat * Nothing But The Sun * The Mighty Atlantic / Mara Theme (with the Scottish National Orchestra) * Things That Are * Road And The River * Mead Oidhche Air An Acairseid (Midnight On The Anchorage) *The Wedding * The Dancing Floor * Thairis Air A' Ghleann (Beyond The Valley * Lighthouse // BONUS: Rhythm Of My Heart The Mighty Atlantic Theme (Orchestral Mix) with The Scottish National Orchestra * Cum Ur N'Aire * Cadal Cha Dean Mi (Demo) * This Time Of Year (single version) * The Other Landscape.

CD6: Live 1987-1996:
14 Tracks: Protect And Survive (Live) * Hearts Of Olden Glory (Live) * Pride Of The Summer (Live) *Loch Lomond (Live) * Harvest Moon (Live) * Wonderful (Live) * Dream Fields (Live) * I'll Keep Coming Home (Live) * Canada (Live) * Siol Ghoraidh / Thairis Air A Gleann (Chorus Live) * Hearthammer (Live) * Always The Winner (Live) * Abhainn An T-Sluaigh (Live) * Protect And Survive (Live Acoustic Medley): Protect And Survive / Pride Of The Summer / the Middleton Mouse.

The 6 CDs sleeves are packaged in an attractive boxed set, a perfect gift for the Runrig fan.

Runrig: Donnie Munro (vocals), Rory Macdonald (bass/ harmonies/vocals), Malcolm Jones (guitars, accordion, mandolin), Iain Bayne (drums, percussion), Calum Macdonald (percussion), Peter Wishart (keyboads).

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