Roy Goldring - Graded and Social Dances 3 (sheet music and instruction book)

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(June 2009) 16 tunes: The Pipe Opener (32 bar jig) * A Starter For Ten (32 bar jig) * It Should Be Fun (32 bar jig) * Uncle Bill's Jig (32 bar jig) * Rachel In Maryland (32 bar jig) * Yvonne's Lasses (96 bar jig) * Time To Meet (32 bar reel) * The Mountain Stream (32 bar reel) * Reel On (32 bar reel) * Figure It Out (32 bar reel) * There And Back (32 bar reel) * In Traditional Mode (32 bar strathspey) * Caerlaverock Castle (32 bar strathspey) * Rannoch Moor (32 bar strathspey) * The Pleasure Is Mine (32 bar strathspey) * Branches Together (96 bar strathspey).

Instructions for sixteen dances devised by the late Roy Goldring.

Jigs, reels and strathspeys, each with a tune or two in bass and treble clef notation with chords.

Tunes composed by Muriel Johnstone, George Meikle and Nancy Dickson.

A4 spiral bound.

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