The Rowallan Consort - Notes Of Noy, Notes Of Joy

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24 tracks: Come my Children, dere * Joy to the personne of my love * Canaries * A Port * A Daunces: Grein Greus ye Rasses * I long for they virginitie (lute solo) * I long for they virginitie (clarsach solo) * The Canaries * Defiled is my name (Robert Johnson) * In Nominie * Com palefacea death * The Lady Louthian's Life * Ladie Laudian's Lilte * My Ladie Laudian's Lilt * Lyk as the lark;. Lyk as the dumb solsequium * Depairte, depairte * For love of one * Ane Exempil of Tripla * Ane lessone upon the first psalme * Ane Lessone upon the secund psalme * Gypsies Lilt * Corne Yairds * (A Scots Tune)

Scottish early music.

The recording debut for The Rowallan Consort, formed in 1994 by Robert Phillips and William Taylor.

Harp, lute and voice.

"The playing is masterly throughout and captures the spirit of both the joyful and the sad music."

"What a find. In magical combinations, the lute and harp-playing by Robert Phillips and William Taylor produce the most ravishing, resonant sound. A must for folk as well as classical fans, and anyone remotely interested in Scottish culture." (The Herald)

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