Ross And Ryan Couper - And Den Dey Made Tae

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(December 2020)

13 Tracks: Shetland Reels: Chadwick's Bog / Come Again You're Welcome / Callum Donaldson * The Dance: The Transatlantic Dance / Shaela * Falling With Style: I Never Shall Wean Her / Hold Up The Sky / Freefalling * The Waltzes: Da Sneug Water Waltz / William Coupar Allan Of Lower Fea * Marie Claire: Marie Claire / Lorna's Reel / Beautiful Goretree * The Coast: The Golden Eagle / Lad O' Byrne's / Lads Of Laois / Coast Of Austria * Sandy: Sandy Lell Stephen Couper * Cara's: Cara's Reel / The Most Northerly Peatbog / Da Lang Ayre Reel * Jessi: Jessi Jo-ann Couper * The Lucky Child: The Lucky Child / Da Sixty Fathom Reel / The Cape Breton Fiddler's Welcome To Shetland * And So It Goes * Tom And Jerry * Da Foula Reel: Tilly Plump / Da Shaald's O' Foula.

A debut album from brothers Ross and Ryan Couper who hail from Shetland.

Ross Couper is one of Shetland's finest fiddle players, known for his work as part of band Peatbog Faeries and duo with Tom Oakes. Ryan is in the Shetland band Vair and although not a full-time musician, he has appeared at many festivals and gigged over the years.
Coming from a musical family Ross and Ryan grew up making music together and this album captures the live performance of this innovative pair and just how well they play together.

This album is truly a family affair with sister Mariann joining Ross and Ryan on a track, and tunes were written by their mum and dad also feature.

The album was recorded as live at Mareel Studios in Lerwick, Shetland.

Ross Couper (fiddle), Ryan Couper (guitar), Mariann Allan (piano)

"Surely the most honest form of music is music that comes from the heart and on this recording, Ross And Ryan wear their hearts entirely on their sleeves. I couldn't imagine a more transparent vision into the souls of these two lads as they just sit and do what they do best, playing music naturally, honestly and with joy...Treasure this CD, it is rare, it is two brothers (and their sister) at their very best, not holding back, giving generously of themselves for our listening pleasure." Chris Stout.

"Ryan and I grew up playing music together and so it's been really lovely to get something actually physically recorded. By capturing the tunes in as live a way as possible, we were able to convey the energy we have when we play together. We know each other's playing inside out so it was really great just to see where this album took us and we’re both really happy with the final result. It’s a simple concept, just straight-up exciting fiddle and guitar music that celebrates our family ties, family history, and family values." Ross Couper.

"It was great to record this album with Ross after so many years of wanting to make an album together. And Den Dey Made Tae is a fun and high-energy recording that celebrates who we are as players and where we’ve come from. Everyone in our family is a musician so it’s been a very special setting to be brought up in and it’s been really lovely to capture this within the album." Ryan Couper.

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