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(November 2013)

9 tracks: Rum: Road To Rum / Yer A Kent * Problem: Problem Child * Beer: Tatter Jack Walsh / Jig Of Beer / Reel Of Beer * Clans: Jutland / Nose Fest / Unite The Clans * Again: Not Again / Unknown / Tune Miavaig * Wedding Waltzes: Cora Ainslie / Scott And Rona's / Fraser And Rachael Stone's Wedding Waltz * Morning After: Morning After Phil / Club Galore * True: Otter's Pocket / Unknown / True Gents / Pocket Watch * To The Woods Suite: Wait / Tain In The Rain / The Cat.

A debut solo album from multi-talented Ross Ainslie who hails from Perthshire and is one of Scotland's finest traditional musicians and composers.

Ross is well known on the Scottish contemporary folk scene for his skill on pipes, whistles and cittern. He is known for his work with The Treacherous Orchestra, Salsa Celtica, India Alba and in a duo with Irish piper Jarlath Henderson.

This recording features mostly all his own compositions - he continually pushes new musical boundaries.

Ross, who from age 8 played the chanter, went on to play with the Perth And District Pipe Band. His first tutor, Norrie Sinclair recognised his potential to play at the highest level and encouraged him to join the Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band. He had the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest pipers of the world - in 1995 Ross joined the Novice Juvenile Band of which the late great piper Gordon Duncan was pipe major. He was hughly inspired by Gordon's playing and mentorship and within a year of joining the band won Best Improved Player before moving on tho the Grade 1 band.

Ross Ainslie (highland pipes, whistles, cittern, mandolin) with Ali Hutton (guitar), Duncan Lyall (bass), James Mackintosh (drums), Innes Watson (fiddle), John Somerville (box), Angus Lyon (box, keys), Gyan Singh (tabla).

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