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(October 2020)

13 Tracks: Science Of Life * Wounded Forest * Rapa Nui * Absinthe In Aranya * Emergency Operation * Cross Of Threads * Happy Hideaway * Gift Of Gods * Wisdom In The Chaos * Hope In The Chaos * Vanavasa * Concrete Jungle * Maybe Another Time.

A fourth studio album from Ross Ainslie one of Scotland's finest traditional musicians and composers.

Ross is a highly sought after performer on the Scottish contemporary folk scene for his skill on pipes, whistles and cittern.

Ross Ainslie and the Sanctuary Band are:
Ross Ainslie (whistles, cittern, highland bagipes, small pipes, bansuri), Greg Lawson (fiddle), Paul Towndrow (sax), Steve Byrnes (acoustic guitar, drums), Hamish Napier (piano, harmonium), James Lindsay (bass).

Malcom Jones (electric guitar track 9 and 10), Duncan Chisholm (fiddle track 8), Steve Cooney (acoustic guitars, bass track 8), Damien O'Kane (banjo track 2,6,7), Graeme Stephen (electric guitar track 4), Shahbaz Hussain (tabla track 11 and 12), matthew Noone (sarod track 11 and 12), Jock Urquhart (words track 13), Cormac Byrne (percussion), Eric Alfonso (congas).

"Vana is the final product of a reflective journey towards self-preservation. I was beginning to feel burnt out with the pressures of touring, so I decided that I had to take a step back to breath and evaluate what direction I wanted my life to go in... I took myself away to the Vana Wellness Retreat in India which really helped me take some time to reflect and take stock of the life I have lived and the one I want to enjoy in the future. I started this album when I returned from my trip and I have taken my time with its development, focusing on musical aspects that are most important to me and giving each track the time and attention I feel they deserve." Ross Ainslie.

"Ainslie is an inspiring, a force to be celebrated and to party with." Simon Jones, Spiral Earth.

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