Ronald and Anna-Wendy Stevenson - Gowd and Silver

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(September 2005) 19 tracks (41 mins): Ae Gowden Lyric * Lady Charlotte Campbell * Craigellachie Brig * Jock O’ Hazeldean * Lament for the Death of Niel Gow's Second Wife * Sailing Song * Witching Song for the Milking * A Little Mouth Music * Waulking Song * Spinning Song * A Tired Mother's Lullaby * The Christ Child's Lullaby * My Love is Like a Red Red Rose * John Gow's Compliments to the Minstrels of Scotland * Miss Campbell of Saddell * My Love She's But a Lassie Yet * Hard is My Fate * Recitative and Air * Nocturne.

A selection of Ronald Stevenson’s compositions and settings of traditional Scottish melodies for violin and piano, performed by himself and his granddaughter, Anna-Wendy Stevenson.

For many reasons, this can be claimed as a very special recording. Grandfather and granddaughter, teacher and pupil, the composer and the performer – all these forms are embraced and the threads connecting them, explored.

As a virtuoso pianist and composer of international stature, Ronald Stevenson’s place in the annals is assured. With his life long passion for Scotland’s traditional music, Ronald has arranged many pieces including all of those on this recording.

With the breadth of his interests and expertise he is an accomplished scholar and an inspiring teacher, indicated by his musical children and his granddaughter Anna-Wendy.

A professional musician in her own right, Anna-Wendy has sustained the connection between Scottish and classical with her proficiency in both idioms. An orchestral leader and internationally travelled ‘fiddler’, she has recently added a composing dimension with her forthcoming “new voices” commission for Celtic Connections Festival.

Together then in harmony, two musicians at different stages of their lives and careers, connected over two generations with an appreciation of music lovingly handed down, this is indeed an unusual recording.

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