Rodney Miller - Greasy Coat

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(August 2002) Including: Liza Rose, Stepping On Worms, Wild Ginger, Bourrée Des Moutons, Hare In The Hat, Molly's Hop, Greasy Coat, Susi's Waltz, American Polka, Reunion Jig, Pete Da Mill, Pinch Of Snuff, Pow Wow, Rockabilly Reel, Bad Hair, Bagpipe Ditty, Christmas Day In The Morning, Young Widow, Dragonfly Waltz, Chorus Jig, Chorus Jive, Lullaby For Liza.

The master fiddler of Contra dance music's eagerly anticipated new release.

Greasy Coat represents the meeting of old and new contra dance music, of urban and rural styles, and of traditional and modern instrumentation. Joined by Paul Kotapish, Daniel Steinberg, David Cahn, Rodney shows that exciting contra music isn't limited to the hills of New England.

'Rodney's playing is always sweetly melodic, textural, resonant, exciting and adventuresome' (Boston Globe Music Critic)

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